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Share Images for user-generated content of a live streaming community


Automated Open Graph images for an art marketplace


Social card images for a WooCommerce plugin store


Automated Open Graph images for a bootstrapped SaaS

Starter Story

Pinterest & Instagram automation for an interview platform

Paizinho, Vírgula!

Instagram stories & Open Graph images for a parenting blog

Crypto Jobs List

Automated share images for a job board and community


Share images for user-generated content of a maker community


Share images for a development project showcase

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Customer creations

„With Placid I'm able to generate thousands of beautiful image assets in seconds. I use them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to drive tons more traffic to my site."
– Pat Walls, Founder of Starter Story
„My Pinterest images are now automatically done when I write new articles. It saves me a lot of time!“
– Barbara, Blogger at
„Now we don’t need to think about our share images any more. They’re done and always beautiful.“
– Mikkel Steen, CEO of Artboost
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