Earn money promoting your favorite creative automation toolkit! We offer an affiliate program that lets you earn 20% commission if you refer your friends, clients or followers to us.

All you need to do is talk about Placid! đź’¬ Here are all infos to get started.

How do I get started with Placid affiliate marketing?

  1. Apply on our affiliate platform: https://placid.tapfiliate.com (You don’t have to be a Placid customer!)
  2. Once you got notified about being approved, login to visit your dashboard and add your payment data
  3. Get your unique referral URL
  4. Share your URL so others can click it - e.g. in a blog post
  5. We track who signs up after clicking your URL and attribute that user to you
  6. If the user subscribes, you get a commission
  7. You get paid!

What commission do I get?

You get recurring commissions of 20% for active subscriptions of your referrals. Once a referral is linked to you, it’s forever yours: You will also get a commission if they stop and start using Placid again at a later point in time.

How are referrals tracked?

If you link to us using your unique referral URL and a person clicking it signs up within the following 60 days using the same device and browser, they are tagged as your referral (unless they click another Placid affiliate link in between).

You will get a part of the subscription purchases of all your referrals. In your affiliate dashboard, you can see your conversions!

How should I promote Placid to earn commissions?

There are many ways you can share Placid with your audience:

  • Write a review of Placid on your blog: Why did you choose us? How do you like using our app? What workflows did you build?
  • Create a tutorial of a workflow with Placid: Show how you set up that creative automation workflow with Make and Placid, or how you use Placid to automate your marketing visuals. You could publish it on your blog, or create a video tutorial!
  • Mention Placid in your newsletter or podcast: If you think Placid could be useful for your audience, include us as a product recommendation.
  • Mention us on social media: Share a visual that you created with Placid on social media and mention how you auto-generated it with Placid
  • Tell your clients & colleagues: If you are a developer, no code-specialist, designer, freelancer or student, recommend us directly to our clients or colleagues and tell them to sign up via your link.

Before you create content around your Placid affiliate link, ask yourself what would be valuable for your audience. Why do you think they would like Placid?

There are also some ways in which you should not use your affiliate link. We do not want you to spam or trick anyone into clicking it. That just makes the internet a worse place for all of us.


Do I get commissions for subscriptions every month?

Commission payouts are monthly if they exceed 100 USD. You get your payout automatically as soon as you hit that limit.

What if someone signs up, but doesn’t subscribe?

Every user that signs up via your referral link is attributed to you. If they decide to subscribe later, you still get commission.

What if someone cancels, but resubscribes later?

You keep earning commissions every time an attributed user subscribes to Placid.

How do I get paid?

We pay you monthly via Paypal if your commission exceeds 100 USD. You need to add your Paypal data to your affiliate account to receive payouts.

Do I have to write an invoice?

No, you don’t have to write an invoice. If you need one for your bookkeeping, please let us know.

What kind of promotion is not allowed?

We don't allow any type of false or misleading advertising, spamming, illegal practices, cashback promises or advertising on sites that promote violence, discrimination or illegal activities. You can find a detailed list of all prohibited marketing activities in our terms.

How long do affiliate cookies last?

Our cookies are valid for 60 days. If someone clicks your affiliate link and signs up using the same device and browser within 60 days, their user is linked to you and you receive a commission.

What if someone clicks multiple Placid affiliate links?

The last affiliate link click wins: This means that the affiliate that was closest to the registration gets the commission.