Everyone Hates Marketers

Everyone Hates Marketers is a podcast fighting marketing bullshit, interviewing the smartest people in the industry. Louis creates the share images for his episodes with Placid.
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No-fluff automation for a no-fluff podcast

Everyone Hates Marketers is an excellent resource to go to if you want to learn about marketing, but think this topic is somehow icky. Louis has basically interviewed everyone we're looking up to in that field, promoting no-bullshit advice instead of shady tactics.

Placid's Webflow integration generates Open Graph images for every episode, so they can be shared by guests and listeners. 💪🎙️

„Creating a podcast is a lot of work. With share images being done automatically, I have one less thing to worry about before publishing content.“

Louis Grenier
Creator of Everyone Hates Marketers
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