Webflow Image Automation

Use the Placid Webflow integration to automatically add generated images to any field in your collections.

Generate images from your content

Use the text and photos from your Webflow fields to create images from templates automatically.

  • Create custom designs with our drag & drop editor
  • Map your fields to elements in your templates
  • Use different templates for each collection

Set Open Graph images for all your Webflow collection items

Get Open Graph images for all your content instantly and continuously by setting up automations.

  • Create all your Open Graph images in minutes
  • Generate share images with data from your fields
  • Use native Webflow settings

Add custom image automations

Create any kind of assets for your collection items and save them in any field you want. On-page teasers, Pinterest images, Instagram story images.. – be creative!

  • Set up multiple templates & automation workflows
  • Configure the fields your images should be saved in
  • Set intervals or use a webhook to start automations
Image automation
Dynamically fill elements in templates with data like text and photos from fields.
Continuous image generation
Set up a process to continuously generate images for all your new collection items.
Unlimited generated images
We’ll create as many images as you need for your projects.
Unlimited templates
Design as many templates as you want to customize different parts of your site.
Design presets
Choose from our predesigned templates to get a headstart.
Drag & drop editor
Edit your templates easily with our drag & drop image editor.
Flexible automation actions
Configure multiple image automation processes with different templates.
Non-destructive automation
Configure your process to not overwrite existing images.
Adapts to your structure
Flexibly configure the fields to save your generated images in.
Friendly human support
Our service is all about automation, but we’re still human and care about your projects!