Creative Automation with Make (formerly Integromat)

Use image & PDF generation in your nocode workflows with Make, and connect Placid to more than 1000 apps

Generate social media images for Etsy listings

Etsy + Placid

Generate PDFs from Slack messages

Slack + Placid

Generate visuals with photos in your Dropbox

Dropbox + Placid

…and many more

Your favourite app + Placid

Auto-generated images & PDFs
Create thousands of dynamic assets from custom templates
Unlimited templates
Design as many templates as you want to create social media and marketing assets
Dynamic elements
Dynamically change text & photos in your templates with data from other apps
Automated creative workflows
Use generated images and PDFs in your custom workflows
Easy to configure
We made it as easy as possible for you set up custom workflows with Placid
Friendly human support
Our API is all about automation, but we’re still human and care about your projects