Creative Automation with Zapier

Use image & PDF generation in your nocode workflows with Zapier, and connect Placid to more than 5000 apps

Automatically tweet visuals generated with Placid

Twitter + Placid

Create an Instagram story image when you publish a post

Webflow + Placid

Create a PDF with data in your Google Sheet

Google Sheets + Placid

…and many more

Your favourite app + Placid

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Auto-generated images & PDFs
Create thousands of dynamic assets from custom templates
Unlimited custom templates
Design as many templates as you want to create social media and marketing assets
Dynamic elements
Dynamically change text & photos in your templates with data from other apps
Automated creative workflows
Use generated images and PDFs in your custom workflows
Easy setup
We made it as easy as possible for you set up custom Zaps with Placid
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