WordPress Share Image Automation

Install our WordPress plugin to automatically create share images & flexible assets for all your content.
Placid for WordPress default settings screen

Automatically create share images

Design templates for your social card images and let our plugin create and set them automatically.

  • Generate images for Open Graph, Twitter or Pinterest
  • Fill image templates with the content of your posts & pages
  • Let us set share image metadata automatically
Placid for WordPress template editor

Design unlimited image templates

Use our drag & drop editor to design your own templates, or customize our preset designs.

  • Choose from our preset designs
  • Create your own designs or customize our presets
  • Decide which elements should be dynamic
Placid for WordPress image customization options

Customize your images on every level

Set default templates while still being able to override and customize them.

  • Set defaults for pages, posts, categories & custom post types
  • Preview your images in wp-admin
  • Customize the template for every post before publishing

Create multiple assets for every post

Create as many share assets for your content as you want automatically.

  • Automatically create Instagram stories, feed images & other assets
  • Create share assets for your content with one click
  • Download images to use wherever you want
Auto-generated marketing assets
Create thousands of dynamic assets from custom templates
Unlimited custom templates
Design as many templates as you want to customize different parts of your site
Drag & drop editor
Create & edit your templates easily with our drag & drop image editor
Live previews
See a preview of how your content will look like when shared on social media
Custom automations
Configure templates for pages, posts, categories or custom post types
Flexible template configuration
Define exactly which content we should use to automatically fill your image templates
Full control over every image
Customize your generated images on demand before publishing your posts
Share image metadata
We set your share image metadata for Open Graph, Twitter & Pinterest
Save to media library
Save your generated images to your media library and reuse them elsewhere
Compatible with Yoast & others
We play nice with other metadata plugins and don’t override your current images