Metorik is an analytics & management tool for WooCommerce. They automated the Open Graph & Twitter Card images of their website & blog with Placid.
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Saving time & increasing flexibility for a bootstrapped team

Metorik is a bootstrapped SaaS company run by a team of four. By automating their share images, they can focus 100% on helping their 1,000+ customers grow their ecommerce stores.

They started using Placid (via our URL API) during a relaunch of their website and blog to help them set up their share images for all new pages quickly. The amount of images they create each month may not seem huge, but the flexibility & continuous saving of time does add up for a small team.

As we created Placid as a bootstrapped team as well, we have a soft spot for businesses like Metorik. It's great to help make their work more efficient! 🙌

„Placid is a truly phenomenal tool. It gives your site social superpowers and saves countless hours. After spending 30 minutes with it, I knew I needed to subscribe for the year.“

Bryce Adams
Founder of Metorik
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