Editor SDK

Use our SDK to add our template editing experience and creative automation features to your app

Save development time

Build creative automation features for your apps in hours instead of months

Embed cloud components

Integrate our ready-to-use template editor or component for live previews

Thousand ways to automate

Use your brand colours and configure permissions to customise the experience

Embed our template editor

Embed our template editor web component anywhere you want. Add it to internal tools or SaaS apps

  • Use our customizable cloud components
  • Theme the editor with your brand colours
  • Configure permissions and lock layers

Build creative automation into your app

Want to offer creative automation as part of your SaaS? Build features quickly with our API and SDK components!

  • Use our editor as part of your product or SaaS
  • Manage user templates via API
  • White-label our components
Easy integration
Integrate the Placid template editor anywhere as a web component
Cloud components
Automatically get all new editor features & improvements
Secure authentication
Use secure JSON web tokens for authentication
Theming support
Use your own colours to brand the editor experience
White-label option
Remove all Placid branding from our components
Custom permissions
Configure permissions to control access to your templates
Layer locking
Lock specific template layers so they can’t be edited or deleted
Template management
Manage your user’s templates via our API