Creative Automation with ChatGPT

Use ChatGPT as your personal, AI-powered design assistant and let it create marketing visuals for you!

Design with Natural Language

Ask ChatGPT for variations of your marketing visuals, just as you would ask a designer on your team.

  • Generate marketing images, videos and PDFs via prompts
  • Just tell ChatGPT what assets you need
  • Train it to deliver perfect visuals for your use case

Automated visuals, always on-brand

Create templates with dynamic layers, so ChatGPT can generate perfectly on-brand variations.

  • Create custom templates or use preset designs
  • Design templates with a drag & drop editor
  • Add dynamic layers for text, media, ratings & more

Chat with the Placid GPT

Set up a conversation with the Placid GPT in minutes and start generating your creatives.

  • Use the most innovative GPT model for your automation
  • Add DALL·E images or content from the web to your visuals
  • Manage your projects & templates in one place
AI-powered design assistant
Find the Placid GPT in the store to chat with your new assistant
Auto-generated visuals
Quickly generate images, PDFs or videos from dynamic templates
Drag & drop template editor
Use our visual editor to create 100% customized templates for your use case
Dynamic elements
Dynamically fill elements in your templates with data from your conversation
All your text and images align and resize automatically
Friendly human support
Placid is all about automation, but we’re human and care about your projects