Airtable Field to Image

Use data from your Airtable to generate images. Automatically create share assets for your content or for social media campaigns from custom templates!
Example of a Placid image template and generated design variations

Generate share assets automatically with data from your Airtable

Design templates for your assets and fill them dynamically with data from your Airtable records. We'll send your finished images back to your table!

  • Use preset designs or create your own templates
  • Design templates with our drag & drop editor
  • Create as many asset variations as you want
  • Generate images manually or regularly
Unlimited generated images
We’ll create as many images as you need for your projects.
Unlimited templates
Design as many templates as you want to customize different parts of your app.
Create dynamic images
Dynamically fill elements in your templates with data from your Airtable.
Flexible mapping
Map your templates to your data structure, and send images to any field you want.
Generate images regularly
Set up your automations to run regularly, or just when you run them manually.
Friendly human support
Our API is all about automation, but we’re still human and care about your projects!