Free Event Ticket Generator

Create event tickets for your participants with our free tool, or design custom templates for automated workflows!

1. Choose a template

Pick one of our ticket designs. Minimal and stylish, or vibrant and cheerful?

2. Add your content

Fill in the event title, location and more dynamic content elements of your template

3. Generate

Create a ticket with our free tool, or auto-generate them with our API & integrations

Need event tickets & other visuals at scale?
Use our creative automation toolkit!

✓ Custom designs ✓ API & nocode ✓ Images, PDFs & Videos

Placid allows you to generate images, PDFs and videos from custom templates. Design tickets, social media visuals & more with our easy-to-use editor, and generate hundreds or thousands of variations automatically.

You can fill the elements of your templates dynamically with text, images and videos. Quickly produce consistent designs using our APIs or nocode integrations.

Generate custom ticket PDFs or images for events and conferences via Zapier, Make, API or a simple form like in this free tool!

How can I create custom event tickets with my logo or colours?

Placid offers an editor that works similar to design tools like Canva, Sketch or Figma. You can easily create your own ticket designs or customize our presets. Just add, remove and change any element on your templates via drag & drop!

What if I don’t have design experience?

If you need a starting point for a custom design, you can choose from our collection of preset designs for social media and printable event visuals.

Can I add a dynamic QR code to my ticket?

Of course! You can add dynamic QR codes or other barcodes to your ticket template and generate them automatically. Sign up for a Placid account to use our editor for customizations like this!

What file formats can I generate with Placid?

Placid allows you to generate images (PNG or JPG), videos (MP4) or PDFs. Dynamically choose which type of files you want to create.

How many event tickets can I create for free?

You can create 5 watermark-free tickets per day with this free generator. Sign up for Placid for free to get 50 credits to generate more custom creatives.