PDF Generation API

Use the Placid API to dynamically create personalized PDFs from custom templates
Example of a Placid PDF template and generated design variations Example of a Placid PDF template and generated design variations

Create custom PDF templates

Use our editor to design templates for your automated PDFs. You define the creative vision – we make it scale.

  • Drag & drop template editor
  • Customize layout, fonts & design elements
  • Create unlimited templates

Generate personalized PDF variations with the Placid API

Create PDFs by dynamically changing texts, images, colors and more parameters of the elements in your templates.

  • Easy-to-use REST API
  • Dynamically change content & other parameters
  • Send generated PDFs to your storage

Use multiple templates in one PDF

Create multi-page templates with merged pages generated from multiple templates.

  • Merge pages into one PDF
  • Combine title pages with personalized content
  • Create customized PDF documents

Dynamically create PDFs from templates with our RESTful API

Placid REST API Json example

Auto-generate merged PDF pages

Placid REST API Json example
Auto-generated PDFs
Create thousands of dynamic documents from custom templates
Unlimited custom templates
Design as many templates as you want to customize different parts of your app
Dynamic elements
Dynamically change text, photos, and colors of your templates to generate PDFs
All your images & texts align and resize automatically
Effects included
Use Insta filters and other effects on your source photos and design elements
Transfer to your storage
Easily transfer your PDFs to your S3-compatible buckets
Tested for nocode integration
Use our API with nocode workflow automation tools like Parabola
Friendly human support
Our API is all about automation, but we’re still human and care about your projects