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Creative Automation

Automatically generate images, PDFs & videos

Use our APIs & integrations to automate the production of your marketing visuals. Save time spent on repetitive design tasks with creative automations!

On-brand Design Variations

Your creative vision at scale

Placid generates variations of custom design templates with dynamic elements. Set up workflows to scale your production and let your team create visuals whenever they need them.

Drag & drop editor

Custom dynamic templates

Create custom dynamic designs with our intuitive template editor – or start with one of our preset designs.

How to automate with Placid

Nocode tools & integrations

We offer tools, nocode solutions and SDKs to help you add creative automation to your workflows

Customer creations

„With Placid I'm able to generate thousands of beautiful image assets in seconds. I use them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to drive tons more traffic to my site."
– Pat Walls, Founder of Starter Story Read more
„The integration of Placid was quick and uncomplicated. The possibilities of applications are huge and the system runs smoothly. Armin and his team are open-hearted and responded perfectly to our requirements. Thanks for your work!“
– Lukas Hoffmann, Co-Founder & CTO of Streamheroes Read more
„Now we don’t need to think about our share images any more. They’re done and always beautiful.“
– Mikkel Steen, CEO of Artboost Read more
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