Mobile SDK for on-device image generation

Generate visuals based on dynamic templates with our native SDKs for iOS and Android

Create dynamic templates for image automations in your mobile apps

Design custom templates and fill them with your data to auto-generate personalized, shareable content in your app.

  • Drag & drop template editor for custom designs
  • Dynamic content layers
  • Auto-resizing of text & images

Use native components for live previews

The Placid iOS and Android SDKs integrate seamlessly into your apps - no matter what kind of images you want to generate.

Generate personalized visuals on-device

Everything you need to generate images is already included in our SDK. Download your templates and ship them with your app to generate images directly on your user's device.

  • Offline, client-side generation
  • Generate unlimited images on-device
  • Use one or multiple templates
Unlimited generated images
Activate a mobile license to generate unlimited images on-device
Offline image generation
Generate images directly on-device to ensure it works offline
Dynamic templates
Create templates with dynamic layers for your content
Drag & drop template editor
Use our visual editor to create 100% customized designs for your use case
Auto-resizing for elements
All your text and images align and resize automatically
Multiple template support
Use as many different templates as you like and ship them with your app
Easy integration
Plug our SDKs and components into your existing iOS & Android apps
Dynamic in-app previews
Use native components to display live-updating image variants