Actions are automations within Placid that help you generate your images. Depending on your project type, you will have different actions available.

API Actions

We offer an image scraper action specifically for the use with our URL API. If you embed image URLs directly in your (web-)projects, your images will be generated when they are called for the first time. This may be when the first user visits your page, or when the first crawler reads your metadata. In any case, it would be best to have them ready beforehand.

So we recommend to create an additional image scraper action in the Actions tab of Placid. There, you can add the URL to a sitemap of your project and let us regularly crawl all your sites for image URLs. We will then call these images once to pre-generate them.

Airtable, Webflow & Ghost Actions

Actions for these projects are necessary to set up your image automations and push generated images to your Airtable, Webflow collections or Ghost posts & pages. In all of them, you will need to define a trigger event that starts the action, configure a template, and decide on the output field.

If you need a step-by-step walkthrough, take a look at the setup guides:

We are open to create custom actions if you need a nifty additional automation. Just ask us, we're always excited about new use cases!