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Placid helps you generate certificates for your online course, workshop or competition at scale

Auto-generate certificates with Placid

Completing an course really feels like an accomplishment if you receive a certificate proving your effort! If you offer an online course you probably want to create personalized certificates of completion for your students so they can feel proud at the end! Our templates help you start creating them and automating the whole process.

Placid makes it easy to design a custom certificate for creative automations. With our intuitive editor, you can create branded designs using your own colours, fonts, photos, signatures and more.

You can then use your dynamic template to generate certificates with your data: Change names, dates and course information dynamically using Placid's toolkit. It allows you to automatically create PDFs, images or videos!

With our free and customizable preset designs for certificates you can get started with your automation quickly.

Scale the production of certificates with our creative automation toolkit

✓ Custom designs ✓ API & nocode ✓ Images, PDFs & Videos

How to automate certificates

  1. Choose or design a certificate template Design a dynamic template in Placid or start from one of our preset designs. Choose a certificate preset above, or log in to create a custom template with our intuitive editor.
  2. Choose your integration Placid offers many ways to generate your certificates: Use our APIs, nocode plugins or create your visuals on-demand with an easy to use form in our Studio.
  3. Add your data to generate Dynamically change the student’s or teachers name, course titles and dates to auto-generate PDFs with Placid. Use data from spreadsheets, databases or other platforms!
What is creative automation?

Creative automation lets you scale the production of marketing visuals and other designs. Produce hundreds or thousands of variants of your graphics, and create automation workflows to stop wasting time on boring repetitive tasks. Read more about the benefits of creative automation and who should use it on our blog!

What kinds of creatives can I automate with Placid?

Placid offers APIs, tools & nocode integrations to automatically generate images, PDFs and even beautifully animated videos. Certificate PDFs are only one use case: You can automate your social media visuals, ads, event marketing assets and more!

How can I automate the creation of certificates?

You can automatically generate certificates using a simple form in Placid Studio, or create workflows with our nocode integrations, APIs or SDKs.

What if I don’t have design experience?

All of the certificate designs and many more presets are available for free in Placid. You can use them as a starting point and customize them with your brand colors, fonts and logos.

Can I use custom certificate designs for my automations?

Yes! We offer a drag & drop template editor to create completely custom designs with dynamic elements.

Can I sign my certificates automatically?

Of course! You can add your own signature to your certificate template so it appears on every generated image / PDF / video. Sign up for a Placid account to use our editor for customizations like this!

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