Creative automation helps you produce variants of your designs at scale. With the right tools, you can turn your layouts for content and marketing assets into dynamic templates that automatically generate hundreds or thousands of graphics.

Creative Automation

How to use creative automation?

You can use creative automation to create content variations for social media posts, ads, in-app graphics, share images, personalized marketing assets and more.

Setting up such a workflow usually starts with creating dynamic templates for your creatives. These templates contain dynamic elements such as text of images that can be automatically replaced with your content later.

You can then use your own data to automatically generate variations of your base template. This data may come from nocode tools like Airtable, be delivered by workflows with tools like Zapier, or directly from your CMS using an API. Text and images will be scaled to auto-fit your layout.

One design, endless variations!

Dynamic template for creative automation

What are the benefits of creative automation?

  • Scale up your content production
  • Free up time for creative work by automating routine tasks
  • Set up creative self-service for non-designers
  • Make sure assets are consistently on-brand
  • Localize, translate and personalize graphics effortlessly

Does creative automation replace designers?

Automation sounds like a dirty word when it’s mixed up with creative tasks. Creativity needs imagination, artistic skills and sensitivity - nothing that AI can do perfectly (yet? 🙃). Creative automation does not aim to replace designers or their skills. Rather, it lets them define the artistic vision and takes over to automate the grunt work of creating asset variations afterwards.

It ensures quality while scaling content production. Once you set up a dynamic template, it can be used to create variants exactly according to your spec automatically, without taking up human resources.

So creative automation makes sure designers have more time for tasks that are actually creative!

Who should use creative automation?

Every business is in the business of content: Nowadays, content creation is a mandatory part of marketing for almost every industry. So there’s honestly no specific type of business that can benefit the most (or least).

Of course: The more content you have, the more value you get by automating it. But having creative automation in your toolkit will also fuel ideas on how to make use of it. Being able to create content automatically makes campaigns possible that are unthinkable when relying on manual asset creation.

Who especially loves creative automations:

  • 🦄 Entrepreneurs & intrapreneurs: Those who crave to continually make workflows better will appreciate the potential for increasing efficiency and getting routine tasks out of the way of more impactful work
  • 📣 Content creators & marketers: Open-minded (self-)marketers will be able to create everyday content and campaigns quickly. Non-designers won't need to wait for creatives to be delivered by a designer
  • 🎨 In-house design teams: Creative people want to do creative work. Automation gives designers more time to focus on what they love
  • 💭 Content strategists: Those who love making content do more will appreciate the possibilities for reusing it in a smart way

The benefits of creative automation can have a huge impact for large organizations. It saves valuable time and helps optimize operations, making big teams more efficient.

But it can be a game changer for small and solo businesses as well by preventing them to be held back by routine tasks. Having more time available for high-impact work makes a real difference for those with limited resources.

Do you need a big budget for creative automation?

We initially built our tool Placid as a solution for our own small team, and our customers prove that any size of business can benefit from automated asset creation.

So we believe creative automation should be accessible while also being able to scale with your business and workflows:

  • We offer affordable pricing plans for all the creators out there, but support large-scale automations as well
  • We integrate with the tools you already use, and you can set up automations quickly on your own. You won’t need an IT team or a call with one of our sales people to get started
  • Placid offers APIs and SDKs to offer you maximum flexibility: Integrate it with your own apps, or even add creative automation as a part of your own service