Nocode Creative Automations

Use Placid in nocode workflows to automatically create your marketing visuals
Example of a Placid image template and a design variation

Creative Automation for Nocode Workflow Builders

Connect Placid with more than 5,000 apps in your custom Zapier or Make workflows.

Your AI-powered Design Assistant

Ask ChatGPT to generate variations of your marketing visuals, just as you would ask a designer on your team.

Webflow Collection to Image

Use the Placid Webflow integration to automatically add generated images to any field in your collections.

Automations to generate Visuals from Airtable Data

Use content from your Airtable to generate images. Automatically create share assets for your content or for social media campaigns from custom templates!

Placid WordPress plugin demo screen

WordPress Plugin for Creative Automation

Install our WordPress plugin to automatically create marketing assets for all your content.

Ghost Social Card Images

Automatically create nice Facebook- & Twitter card images for your Ghost publication.

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