Generate your social share images automatically.
Make your blog look great when shared on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest

Content Marketing Optimization

Save time while optimizing your content marketing

Placid creates your share images for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other platforms automatically to make your content look great when it’s shared.

This saves you countless hours creating images manually.

Social Media Image Branding

Fully customize & brand your images.

With our editor, you can make your templates fit your site’s brand perfectly. Customize our design presets or create your own designs.

How it works

Design your Templates

Choose one of our designs and customize it with fonts and colours, or create your own with our editor!

Configure your templates

Set up your templates in WordPress to automatically use images and titles from your posts

Let us do the magic!

Focus on producing content and save yourself hours of work. We’ll create all your images automatically.

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Start creating social share images for your blog with Placid today! We promise it’s easy to set up and will save you a lot of time. It’s very customizable, so you’ll never lose control over how your images look like.
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  • use our design presets
  • customize with our editor
  • design your own templates
  • easy no-code setup
Create social images for your blog automatically!
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