You can control what elements in your template you can change dynamically via our API or other integrations. We generally support the change of text, images (including screenshots) and colours.

To decide which elements are dynamic, you will need to edit their layers in the editor - read more about that works here: Prepare elements to be dynamic

Here's a list of which integrations support which dynamic changes:

  • API (REST): Text, images, screenshots, background colours
  • API (URL): Text, images, screenshots
  • Airtable: Text, images, background colours (#hex-codes in text fields)
  • Ghost: Text, images
  • Webflow: Text, images, background colours
  • WordPress: Text, images
  • Zapier: Text, images, screenshots, background colours

If you need more dynamic modifications, please reach out to us - we always want to make Placid more flexible!