With the Placid Studio integration, you can generate creatives from your templates on-demand.

You can create your own Studio with a custom selection of templates and share them with others who don't have a Placid account. Send them a link to our public share pages or embed your Studio in your CMS or other tools!

Depending on your plan, you can use our advanced features to create a custom experiences for you and your team.

Which features can I use in which plan?

Feature Legacy Basic Pro Business VIP
Create custom Studios ♾️ ♾️ ♾️ ♾️ ♾️
Public share page & embed 0 1 5 20 50
Password protection
Credit limit


  • ♾️ Unlimited
  • ✅ Available
  • ❌ Not available

What happens when I downgrade my plan?

If you have sharing and other features enabled for more Studios than the lower plan allows, you won't be able to downgrade yet. Please disable them in your Studio settings according to the limits of your new plan first.