With the Placid Mobile SDK, you can integrate our templates in your apps to generate images on-device.

Depending on your plan, you can add mobile licenses to any of your Placid projects.

How many mobile licenses can I use in which plan?

Plans Licenses
Legacy 0
Basic 1
Pro 2
Business 5
VIP 10

How many licenses do I need if I have apps for iOS and Android?

You need one license per app and platform. If your app is available on both iOS and Android, you will need two licenses.

How many credits does image generation with the Placid Mobile SDK cost?

Each mobile license will deduct a fixed rate of 300 credits from your monthly budget. You will then be able to create unlimited images on-device.

Do I need a subscription to use the Placid Mobile SDK?

Yes, you will need an active subscription to keep using the integration. The SDK checks your subscription status periodically.