Our Editor SDK helps you integrate Placid seamlessly into your workflows and tools. We offer a range of components to implement our template editor and template previews with just a few lines of code.

Here are a few things to know about using our SDK.

What can I build with the Placid Editor SDK?

Backend implementation

Want to make image generation part of your backend, organiations toolchain or SaaS? With our Editor SDK, each of your users can customize their own templates simply by embedding our javascript web components!

Please understand that you are not allowed to use our SDK to build a direct competitor to Placid. This means that the value proposition of your product can not just be to generate images/pdfs/videos from templates. Rather, creative generation needs to be embedded in a wider workflow your product provides.

A few examples of allowed use cases:

  • ✅ You’re building a nocode software solution that helps people set up their own job boards. You want to include automatically created Open Graph images for all job postings that your users can customize to their job board’s brand.
  • ✅ You’re building a hosted blog CMS and want to offer your users a set of customizable and automatically generated social media visuals to promote their blog posts.
  • ✅ You’re building a white label dashboard for fitness studios that lets gym goers analyse their training times. You want to include a service that sends a generated image with personal statistics to them every month that should fit the fitness studio’s brand.

If you’re in doubt if your use case is covered, talk to us (via livechat or write armin@placid.app) so we can figure it out together.

Credits and billing for the Placid Editor SDK

Images, PDFs or videos generated via embedded components of our SDK are billed just like any other creative generated with Placid. This means you can use the SDK for your own backend and services without any extra cost with any of our plans.

If you want to use the SDK in your SaaS, you will need to be on the VIP plan.