List of available fonts

Here's a list of fonts that are currently available to use in your template designs. Use the font's code to dynamically change it during generation of images, videos or PDFs via our API or nocode integrations.

Font   Code
Abril Fatface Abril Fatface abrilfatface-regular
Alfa Slab One Regular Alfa Slab One Regular alfaslabone-regular
Amatic SC Bold Amatic SC Bold amaticsc-bold
Arvo Arvo arvoarvo
Arvo Bold Arvo Bold arvo-bold
Arvo Bold Italic Arvo Bold Italic arvo-bolditalic
Arvo Italic Arvo Italic arvo-italic
Asap Bold Asap Bold asap-bold
Asap Bold Italic Asap Bold Italic asap-bolditalic
Asap Italic Asap Italic asap-italic
Asap Regular Asap Regular asap-regular
Bangers Regular Bangers Regular bangers-regular
Barlow Black Barlow Black barlow-black
Barlow Bold Barlow Bold barlow-bold
Barlow Condensed Black Barlow Condensed Black barlowcondensed-black
Barlow Condensed Black Italic Barlow Condensed Black Italic barlowcondensed-blackitalic
Barlow Condensed Bold Barlow Condensed Bold barlowcondensed-bold
Barlow Condensed Bold Italic Barlow Condensed Bold Italic barlowcondensed-bolditalic
Barlow Condensed Italic Barlow Condensed Italic barlowcondensed-italic
Barlow Condensed Regular Barlow Condensed Regular barlowcondensed-regular
Barlow ExtraBold Barlow ExtraBold barlow-extrabold
Biryani ExtraBold Biryani ExtraBold biryani-extrabold
Biryani Regular Biryani Regular biryani-regular
Bitter Bold Bitter Bold bitter-bold
Bitter Italic Bitter Italic bitter-italic
Bitter Regular Bitter Regular bitter-regular
Bree Serif Regular Bree Serif Regular breeserif-regular
Bungee Bungee bungee-regular
Capriola Regular Capriola Regular capriola-regular
Caveat Bold Caveat Bold caveat-bold
Crete Round Crete Round creteround-regular
Crete Round Italic Crete Round Italic creteround-italic
Cutive Cutive cutive-regular
Dosis Bold Dosis Bold dosis-bold
Dosis ExtraBold Dosis ExtraBold dosis-extrabold
Dosis Regular Dosis Regular dosis-regular
EB Garamond Bold EB Garamond Bold ebgaramond-bold
EB Garamond Bold Italic EB Garamond Bold Italic ebgaramond-bolditalic
EB Garamond Italic EB Garamond Italic ebgaramond-italic
EB Garamond Regular EB Garamond Regular ebgaramond-regular
Economica Economica economica-regular
Economica Bold Economica Bold economica-bold
Economica Bold Italic Economica Bold Italic economica-bolditalic
Economica Italic Economica Italic economica-italic
Exo ExtraBold Exo ExtraBold exo-extrabold
Exo ExtraBold Italic Exo ExtraBold Italic exo-extrabolditalic
Exo Light Exo Light exo-light
Exo Light Italic Exo Light Italic exo-lightitalic
Exo Medium Exo Medium exo-medium
Exo Medium Italic Exo Medium Italic exo-mediumitalic
Fjalla One Fjalla One fjallaone-regular
Gochi Hand Gochi Hand gochihand-regular
Heebo ExtraBold Heebo ExtraBold heebo-extrabold
Heebo Light Heebo Light heebo-light
IBM Plex Sans IBM Plex Sans ibmplexsans
IBM Plex Sans Bold IBM Plex Sans Bold ibmplexsans-bold
IBM Plex Sans Bold Italic IBM Plex Sans Bold Italic ibmplexsans-bolditalic
IBM Plex Sans Italic IBM Plex Sans Italic ibmplexsans-italic
Inter Black Inter Black Inter-Black
Inter Black Italic Inter Black Italic Inter-BlackItalic
Inter Bold Inter Bold Inter-Bold
Inter Bold Italic Inter Bold Italic Inter-BoldItalic
Inter Extra Bold Inter Extra Bold Inter-ExtraBold
Inter Extra Bold Italic Inter Extra Bold Italic Inter-ExtraBoldItalic
Inter Extra Light Inter Extra Light Inter-ExtraLight
Inter Extra Light Italic Inter Extra Light Italic Inter-ExtraLightItalic
Inter Italic Inter Italic Inter-Italic
Inter Light Inter Light Inter-Light
Inter Light Italic Inter Light Italic Inter-LightItalic
Inter Medium Inter Medium Inter-Medium
Inter Medium Italic Inter Medium Italic Inter-MediumItalic
Inter Regular Inter Regular Inter-Regular
Inter Semi Bold Italic Inter Semi Bold Italic Inter-SemiBoldItalic
Inter SemiBold Inter SemiBold Inter-SemiBold
Inter Thin Inter Thin Inter-Thin
Inter Thin Italic Inter Thin Italic Inter-ThinItalic
Josefin Sans Bold Josefin Sans Bold josefinsans-bold
Josefin Sans Bold Italic Josefin Sans Bold Italic josefinsans-bolditalic
Josefin Sans Italic Josefin Sans Italic josefinsans-italic
Josefin Sans Regular Josefin Sans Regular josefinsans-regular
Kanit Black Kanit Black kanit-black
Kanit Bold Kanit Bold kanit-bold
Kanit ExtraBold Kanit ExtraBold kanit-extrabold
Kanit Light Kanit Light kanit-light
Kanit Medium Kanit Medium kanit-medium
Kristi Regular Kristi Regular kristi-regular
Lato Black Lato Black lato-black
Lato Black Italic Lato Black Italic lato-blackitalic
Lato Bold Lato Bold lato-bold
Lato Bold Italic Lato Bold Italic lato-bolditalic
Lato Italic Lato Italic lato-italic
Lato Light Lato Light lato-light
Lato Light Italic Lato Light Italic lato-lightitalic
Lato Regular Lato Regular lato-regular
Lilita One Lilita One lilitaone
Lobster Regular Lobster Regular lobster-regular
Lobster Two Lobster Two lobstertwo
Lobster Two Bold Lobster Two Bold lobstertwo-bold
Lobster Two Bold Italic Lobster Two Bold Italic lobstertwo-bolditalic
Lobster Two Italic Lobster Two Italic lobstertwo-italic
Lora Bold Lora Bold lora-bold
Lora Bold Italic Lora Bold Italic lora-bolditalic
Lora Italic Lora Italic lora-italic
Lora Regular Lora Regular lora-regular
Medula One Medula One medulaone-regular
Merriweather Bold Merriweather Bold merriweather-bold
Merriweather Bold Italic Merriweather Bold Italic merriweather-bolditalic
Merriweather Italic Merriweather Italic merriweather-italic
Merriweather Regular Merriweather Regular merriweather-regular
Monoton Monoton monoton-regular
Montserrat Black Montserrat Black montserrat-black
Montserrat Black Italic Montserrat Black Italic montserrat-blackitalic
Montserrat Bold Montserrat Bold montserrat-bold
Montserrat Bold Italic Montserrat Bold Italic montserrat-bolditalic
Montserrat ExtraBold Montserrat ExtraBold montserrat-extrabold
Montserrat ExtraBold Italic Montserrat ExtraBold Italic montserrat-extrabolditalic
Montserrat Italic Montserrat Italic montserrat-italic
Montserrat Light Montserrat Light montserrat-light
Montserrat Light Italic Montserrat Light Italic montserrat-lightitalic
Montserrat Medium Montserrat Medium montserrat-medium
Montserrat Medium Italic Montserrat Medium Italic montserrat-mediumitalic
Montserrat Regular Montserrat Regular montserrat-regular
Noto Sans Noto Sans notosans
Noto Sans Bold Noto Sans Bold notosans-bold
Noto Sans Bold Italic Noto Sans Bold Italic notosans-bolditalic
Noto Sans Italic Noto Sans Italic notosans-italic
Noto Serif Noto Serif notoserif
Noto Serif Bold Noto Serif Bold notoserif-bold
Noto Serif Bold Italic Noto Serif Bold Italic notoserif-bolditalic
Noto Serif Italic Noto Serif Italic notoserif-italic
Nunito Bold Nunito Bold nunito-bold
Nunito Sans Black Nunito Sans Black nunitosans-black
Nunito Sans Black Italic Nunito Sans Black Italic nunitosans-blackitalic
Nunito Sans Bold Nunito Sans Bold nunitosans-bold
Nunito Sans Bold Italic Nunito Sans Bold Italic nunitosans-bolditalic
Nunito Sans Italic Nunito Sans Italic nunitosans-italic
Nunito Sans Regular Nunito Sans Regular nunitosans-regular
Open Sans Bold Open Sans Bold opensans-bold
Open Sans Bold Italic Open Sans Bold Italic opensans-bolditalic
Open Sans Condensed Bold Open Sans Condensed Bold opensanscondensed-bold
Open Sans Condensed Light Open Sans Condensed Light opensanscondensed-light
Open Sans Condensed Light Italic Open Sans Condensed Light Italic opensanscondensed-lightitalic
Open Sans ExtraBold Open Sans ExtraBold opensans-extrabold
Open Sans ExtraBold Italic Open Sans ExtraBold Italic opensans-extrabolditalic
Open Sans Italic Open Sans Italic opensans-italic
Open Sans Light Open Sans Light opensans-light
Open Sans Light Italic Open Sans Light Italic opensans-lightitalic
Open Sans Regular Open Sans Regular opensans-regular
Oswald Bold Oswald Bold oswald-bold
Oswald Light Oswald Light oswald-light
Oswald Regular Oswald Regular oswald-regular
Overpass Black Overpass Black overpass-black
Overpass Bold Overpass Bold overpass-bold
Overpass ExtraBold Overpass ExtraBold overpass-extrabold
Pacifico Regular Pacifico Regular pacifico-regular
Patua One Patua One patuaone-regular
Playfair Display Bold Playfair Display Bold playfairdisplay-bold
Playfair Display Bold Italic Playfair Display Bold Italic playfairdisplay-bolditalic
Playfair Display Italic Playfair Display Italic playfairdisplay-italic
Playfair Display Regular Playfair Display Regular playfairdisplay-regular
Poiret One Poiret One poiretone-regular
Poppins Black Poppins Black poppins-black
Poppins Black Italic Poppins Black Italic poppins-blackitalic
Poppins Bold Poppins Bold poppins-bold
Poppins Bold Italic Poppins Bold Italic poppins-bolditalic
Poppins Italic Poppins Italic poppins-italic
Poppins Regular Poppins Regular poppins-regular
Poppins SemiBold Poppins SemiBold poppins-semibold
Poppins SemiBold Italic Poppins SemiBold Italic poppins-semibolditalic
ProximaSoft Bold ProximaSoft Bold proxima-soft
PT Sans PT Sans ptsans-regular
PT Sans Bold PT Sans Bold ptsans-bold
PT Sans Bold Italic PT Sans Bold Italic ptsans-bolditalic
PT Sans Italic PT Sans Italic ptsans-italic
PT Serif PT Serif ptserif-regular
PT Serif Bold PT Serif Bold ptserif-bold
PT Serif Bold Italic PT Serif Bold Italic ptserif-bolditalic
PT Serif Italic PT Serif Italic ptserif-italic
Quicksand Bold Quicksand Bold quicksand-bold
Quicksand Light Quicksand Light quicksand-light
Quicksand Regular Quicksand Regular quicksand-regular
Raleway Raleway raleway-regular
Raleway Black Raleway Black raleway-black
Raleway Black Italic Raleway Black Italic raleway-blackitalic
Raleway Bold Raleway Bold raleway-bold
Raleway Bold Italic Raleway Bold Italic raleway-bolditalic
Raleway Italic Raleway Italic raleway-italic
Reenie Beanie Reenie Beanie reeniebeanie
Roboto Roboto roboto-regular
Roboto Bold Roboto Bold roboto-bold
Roboto Bold Italic Roboto Bold Italic roboto-bolditalic
Roboto Italic Roboto Italic roboto-italic
Roboto Light Roboto Light roboto-light
Roboto Light Italic Roboto Light Italic roboto-lightitalic
Rubik Rubik rubik-regular
Rubik Black Rubik Black rubik-black
Rubik Black Italic Rubik Black Italic rubik-blackitalic
Rubik Bold Rubik Bold rubik-bold
Rubik Bold Italic Rubik Bold Italic rubik-bolditalic
Rubik Italic Rubik Italic rubik-italic
Rubik Light Rubik Light rubik-light
Sacramento Sacramento sacramento-regular
Share Tech Regular Share Tech Regular sharetech-regular
Source Sans Pro Bold Source Sans Pro Bold sourcesanspro-bold
Source Sans Pro Bold Italic Source Sans Pro Bold Italic sourcesanspro-bolditalic
Source Sans Pro Italic Source Sans Pro Italic sourcesanspro-italic
Source Sans Pro Light Source Sans Pro Light sourcesanspro-light
Source Sans Pro Light Italic Source Sans Pro Light Italic sourcesanspro-lightitalic
Source Sans Pro Regular Source Sans Pro Regular sourcesanspro-regular
Space Mono Space Mono spacemono-regular
Space Mono Bold Space Mono Bold spacemono-bold
Space Mono Bold Italic Space Mono Bold Italic spacemono-bolditalic
Space Mono Italic Space Mono Italic spacemono-italic
Special Elite Regular Special Elite Regular specialelite-regular
Stardos Stencil Bold Stardos Stencil Bold stardosstencil-bold
Stardos Stencil Regular Stardos Stencil Regular stardosstencil-regular
Timmana Timmana timmanatimmana
Ubuntu Bold Ubuntu Bold ubuntu-bold
Ubuntu Bold Italic Ubuntu Bold Italic ubuntu-bolditalic
Ubuntu Italic Ubuntu Italic ubuntu-italic
Ubuntu Regular Ubuntu Regular ubuntu-regular
Vollkorn Bold Vollkorn Bold vollkorn-bold
Vollkorn Bold Italic Vollkorn Bold Italic vollkorn-bolditalic
Vollkorn Italic Vollkorn Italic vollkorn-italic
Vollkorn Regular Vollkorn Regular vollkorn-regular
Work Sans Bold Work Sans Bold worksans-bold
Work Sans Light Work Sans Light worksans-light
Yeseva One Regular Yeseva One Regular yesevaone-regular
Zilla Slab Zilla Slab zillaslab-regular
Zilla Slab Bold Zilla Slab Bold zillaslab-bold
Zilla Slab Light Zilla Slab Light zillaslab-light

Adding custom fonts

We offer a variety of Google Fonts you can choose to use in your templates. But if you want to use custom fonts, you can upload them in your User profile > Fonts.

Custom fonts menu

Once you uploaded your font files, you will be able to choose them in the editor.

Please read your font license carefully to make sure you're allowed to do this, tough! ✌️

Changing custom fonts via API or integration

To use a custom font in a specific image, PDF, or video, locate the desired font in your fonts overview and use the code provided to change it.

Image of font overview