Add a Text Element

Use the create toolbar to add a text element to your canvas.

Placid template editor - create text element

Edit a Text Element

Select the text layer you want to edit on your canvas or in the layer list.

Placid template editor - text settings panel

Add Default Text

We recommend adding a default text for your text element. This text will be displayed in your generated images if:

  • don't override it with dynamic content, so f.ex. your post title or
  • ..the element is not set to dynamic.

Change Text Style

  • Font: Choose between Google Fonts or your own custom fonts in different weights
  • Font Color: Choose your text color
  • Size & Spacing: Define the default text size and letterspacing
  • Style: Choose between different font styles (italics / underline / strikethrough)
  • Transformation: Choose to always display text in UPPERCASE or lowercase.

Change Textbox Style

  • Spacing: Define the line spacing of your text box
  • Resizing: Choose how it behaves if your text gets too long
  • Background: Choose the background color of your textbox
  • Alignment: Choose between aligning text left, center or right of your textbox.
  • Anchor: Choose between anchoring text to the top, middle or bottom of your textbox
  • Word-Break: Force long words to be hyphenated

Resizing Settings

  • Plain Text: If the text gets too long, it will overflow its box
  • Fit: If the text gets too long, it will change its size to fit the box – this is the default
  • Single Line ...: If the text gets longer than one line, it will be cut off with an ellipsis (...) at the end
  • Clamp: If the text gets longer, it will be cut off with an ellipsis (...) at the end

More Styles

You can add multiple shadows for your text elements.