Add and edit shapes in your template

First, click the "Edit Template" button when you're logged in on or in WordPress under Tools > Placid Social Images > Templates (plugin users) to open your template in the editor.

Add a Rectangle Element

Click on Create new Rectangle Element to add a shape element to your canvas. (image)

Edit a Rectangle Element

If you choose a text element in your layer list, two additional panels with settings will appear: Position and Element. You will find more information on the Position in our guide on How to position elements in your template.


Rectangle Style

At the moment, we offer one rectangle style: Choose the "Card" style to add a drop shadow to your element. (Stay tuned for more styles!)


There are two color fields, with which you can define the border and fill color for this element.

Border Radius

With the border radius setting, you can create rectangles with rounded edges or circles. Use the slider to change the radius of the edges.

You can also create circles with the border radius!