Placid is the first social share image automation tool, saving you hours of work. It fits every project from blog to marketplace.
Share Image Automation
We create images from templates to make your link previews on social media awesome.
Custom Template
Design your templates to fit your website's brand - font, colors, style,..
Design Presets
Choose from our predesigned templates to get a headstart.
Drag & Drop Editor
Edit your templates easily with our drag & drop image editor.
Custom Image Dimensions
You prefer square Pinterest images? Choose your image dimensions flexibly.
Text, Shapes, Images
Build your templates from various different layout elements.
Screenshots as a Service
Integrate automated screenshots of websites in your share images.
We offer an URL as well as a REST API for you to use.
Easy Setup
Just fill in variables through the APIs or use our no-code WordPress plugin.
Friendly Support
We care about getting Placid up and running for your project!

Additional WordPress Features

Our no-code WordPress Plugin allows you to configure Placid with a few clicks.
Share Images for all your Content
You can use separate templates to create images for posts, pages, categories and tags.
Custom Post Types
Set up separate image templates for your own post types.
Live Previews
See a preview of how your content will look like on social media in your posts.
Easy Template Configuration
Define which photos and text we should use to create your images in the settings.
Save to Media Library
Save your generated images to your media library and reuse them elsewhere.
Static image upload
Upload static share images for your posts, if you pre-made them with a special layout.
Full Control over every Image
Don't like an image of a post? No problem - customize it or upload a static one instead.
Compatible with Yoast & others
We play nice with other metadata plugins and don't override your current images.
No-Code Setup
You can configure Placid through an interface in your WordPress backend.
Let Us Create Social Images for your Websites
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