Placid helps you to automate the creation of share images. It's a bit like Photoshop templates on crack.
Unlimited automated assets
Create unlimited dynamic images from templates.
Unlimited image templates
Design various templates to fit your website's brand - fonts, colors, style,..
Drag & drop editor
Edit your templates easily with our drag & drop image editor.
Design presets
Choose from our predesigned templates to get a headstart.
Dynamic elements
Auto-resizing text or color-changing shapes: Use dynamic elements in your templates.
Custom image dimensions
Choose the dimensions of your share image templates flexibly.
Screenshots as a Service
Integrate automated screenshots of websites in your share images.
Easy to use API
Use our URL- or REST API to dynamically create images.
Image hosting
We host your images for you if you choose to use our URL API.
Transfer to your storage
Easily store your generated images in your own S3 bucket.
Nocode integrations
Use Placid in your nocode workflows with Zapier, Webflow, Airtable or WordPress.
Friendly human support
We care about getting Placid up and running for your project!
Set up your share image automation now!
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