You can use the Placid URL API without authentication.

If you prefer to add an extra layer of security, however, you can use signed URLs containing authentication information in the query string.

Placid API token

Placid API tokens are project-specific. For every API project you create, you'll get a unique token.

  • Log in on
  • Go to the Projects overview
  • Choose the project you want to generate images for
  • Click API Tokens in the left menu

Go to projects overview

Signed URLs

The signature of a signed URL is created using your private API token and the query string of your URL.

  • (Optional) Restrict the URL API to signed URLs only in your Placid project settings
  • Hash your private API token and query string of your image URLs using HMAC to create your signature.
  • Append a signature parameter &s={SIGNATURE} to your image URLs (it needs to be the last parameter in your URL){template_uuid}?{layer-name}[{property}]={value}&s={signature}
// - This example is in PHP, but can be done using any programming language
// - contact our support if you need help

// - your private API Token
$api_token_private = "<your token>";

// - your full query string
$query_string = "&author[text]=asdf";

// - create the signature using your API token and query_string
$signature = hash_hmac('sha256', $query_string, $api_token_private);

// - append the signature to your URL
$signed_image_url = "" . $query_string . "&s=" . $signature;

{info} Make sure to hash the query string without your &s={SIGNATURE} parameter.