Our versions feature provides you with a way to create unique template versions for your users, allowing them to personalize a template provided by you. Think of a template version as a fork of a base template in one of your Placid projects.

Placid template versions

Create a template version

A template version needs a unique ID that extends the base template's ID. Generate (and store) a unique version ID for your users and append it to the base template ID, separated by a -. The template version will be created automatically once you initialize the editor component with the combined base template and version ID.

Placid template version ID structure

// Example base template ID: `4m2vmxkub`
<!-- This component loads & edits the base template -->
<placid-editor access-token="..." template-uuid="4m2vmxkub" /> 

<!-- Initializing these components generates unique template versions and makes them editable -->
<placid-editor access-token="..." template-uuid="4m2vmxkub-user1" />
<placid-editor access-token="..." template-uuid="4m2vmxkub-user2" />
<placid-editor access-token="..." template-uuid="4m2vmxkub-user3" />

Generating creatives from a template version

To generate any creative from a template version, use the template ID including your version ID – e.g. 4m2vmxkub-user2 – in your REST API calls.