Mobile SDK

Our mobile integration helps you implement on-device image generation in your apps. Our native SDKs include everything you need to build offline-ready image automations for custom share screens and other personalized visuals.

  • Offline, on-device image generation
  • Unlimited generated images
  • Dynamic in-app previews
  • SDKs for iOS and Android



  1. Add a mobile integration to your Placid project
  2. Activate a mobile license
  3. Download your template(s) for mobile to package them with your app
  4. Install & configure our iOS or Android SDK

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License & Authentication

On-device image generation requires an active subscription and mobile license. Every mobile license includes a separate license key you can use to authenticate your implementation in the SDK configuration.

{info} The SDK checks your subscription status periodically. Image generation will only fail after multiple authentication attempts.


After installation and configuration of the SDKs, you can retrieve and render the templates included in your downloaded package. Modify the content of dynamic layers to update your visuals on the fly, display them in-app or pass them along for social sharing.



For detailed documentation and code examples refer to the respective SDK repo.