{info} Our Template Editor SDK is currently in beta. We're open to any kind of feedback on how you want to use it 💪

Template Editor SDK

Do you want to integrate image generation more tightly into your tools and workflows? We're developing our SDK to make that possible. Currently, we're offering a beta version providing a configurable component to embed our template editor anywhere you want.


  • Easily integrate the Placid Template Editor as a web component
  • Use secure authentication with JWT
  • Configure custom permissions to control access to templates
  • Lock layers of your templates, so they can't be edited, deleted or renamed
  • Create unique template versions for your users to create scoped customizations
View demo component

Use cases & license

✅ You can use our SDK as a part of your regular Placid subscription to integrate our template editor in your own backend, CMS or other tools used by yourself or editors of your organization.

We do support the integration as a part of your own service / SaaS as well. With our versions feature, you'll be able to create unique template versions that your users can edit and customize themselves. However, the versions feature and the use within a SaaS is not part of our regular subscriptions. Please contact to talk about how we can support your plans!