Using the URL Api

The first step for using the URL API is to create a template from a preset design or design your own.

Then, in the API tab on the dashboard on, click on the Embed-Button of the template you want to implement. Take the HTML code displayed and integrate it in your page's head section. Be sure you use templates with the correct size for each platform!

You can change the elements of your image dynamically with the parameters of the image-URL. Every parameter is optional. If you don't use it we will use the default values from your template.

For changing image elements, you can do some magic with these parameters:

We strongly recommend calling the URL of the generated image once (or monthly) so that it's already pre-generated when the social platforms are crawling your page. We are keeping your generated images in our image cache for a limited time. Older images will be re-generated when they are requested again. If you have the possibility, we would recommend to store the generated images on your own server.


This URL

results in this Image Placid Image

But you can easily change the title Parameter into something else:

Placid Image