Placid is an image generation API that automatically creates share images for your content from custom templates. You can generate Open Graph images (OG images), Twitter Card images or images for feeds and stories of other platforms like Pinterest or Instagram.

Placid exists to make your content shareable, without having to manually create image assets. We'll also keep them updated and regenerate them if you change your design or your content.

Images can be generated based on custom templates. You have complete control over their size, design and elements that you can dynamically fill with text and images.

We offer a REST and URL API, as well as native integrations for Airtable, Ghost, Webflow, WordPress and Zapier.

In this documentation you'll find detailed info about the functions of our REST and URL API, as well as customization options for our WordPress plugin API. For guides on how to set up other nocode integrations, visit our help center.

We're also offering personal support, so please don't be afraid to use the support chat within the app if you're stuck or need anything.