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The layer list in our editor shows you all elements your design consists of and their order.


Edit Layers

If you click on the Pencil-Icon to edit a layer, you will see two options:

Naming a Layer

The title of a layer is important to recognize your elements outside of the editor. If you use the WordPress plugin, this title will be shown when you configure your template in WordPress. If you use the URL API as a developer, this will be the name of the parameters you use to fill elements dynamically with your image URL.

Set Elements to be Dynamic

The checkbox Element is dynamic should be active for all elements that you want to be filled automatically via WordPress or the API. (If you use our preset designs, we already took care of these settings!) It is available for text and image elements.

Any new element is dynamic by default.


Order Layers

You can drag and drop layers in the list to change their order. The element on the bottom of the list is in the background.


The percentage of opacity determines how transparent your layer is. 100% means your element is solid. 0% means it's fully transparent.

Delete Layers

If you want to delete a layer, you can select it from the layer list and click on the Trashcan-Icon to delete it. If you did this by mistake, use the Undo-Function on the bottom left of the editor or the History-Function.