My template does not use my blog article's featured image

If you can only see the default image of your template in all the images of your blog articles, you will need to configure the template first. Follow these instructions and you should be good to go:

1) Open the template in the editor

In WordPress, go to Tools > Placid Social Images > Templates. Open the template you want to use in the editor by clicking on Edit Template.

2) Check the Dynamic Element Setting

Choose the layer of the element you want to be automatically filled with an image by WordPress. Click on the Pencil-Icon on the right of the layer's name. Make sure the checkbox for Element is dynamic is active. You should see a dot in front of the layer name. To find this layer later in WordPress, we recommend you also set a layer name you will remember.


3) Configure your template

In WordPress, go to Tools > Placid Social Images again and change to the tab of the image type you want to set (Open-Graph for Facebook and most other Social Media Platforms, Twitter or Pinterest).

If you have chosen your template, you should see settings for all of the layers you set as dynamic earlier. You can choose with what information you want it to be filled automatically. If you want to use the featured image of your articles, select that option.

If you need more information on how to setup your templates, see our Getting Started Guide for WordPress!